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Museum's Special: Accademia, Uffizi Gallery
Reserve here your Combo Special guided Tour!

First meet the authentic Michelangelo's David in all his magnificence, and discover the other masterpieces housed in the Accademia Gallery museum.

Enjoy the authentic Michelangelo's David in all his magnificence, and discover the other masterpieces Uffizi!

The Itinerary: This day walking tour will introduce you to Accademia, Uffizi Gallery and learn the history and secrets of the Vasari Corridor.

Time: Every day except Mondays from March to October at 1:00 pm

Length: Approx. 5 hours

Meeting point: It will be communicated in the confirmation voucher.

Includes: Accademia Gallery entrance (skip the long line)

Licensed English speaking Guide

Earphones for bigger groups

Uffizi highlights Tour (skip the long line)

Vasari Corridor discovery guided walk (external)

Important NOTES: Please let us know in advance any special need or impaired mobility of the clients and we will do our best to accomodate them.

Even with the skip-the-line entrance, there is still a compulsory security check which may cause some delays in entering the museum. Big bags, liquid bottles and large umbrellas will not be allowed inside the museums (ok small foldable umbrellas).

Enter the Accademia Gallery museum with a fast-track priority entrance ticket and discover the original Michelangelo's masterpiece that has become the symbol of Renaissance splendour. The David.

Admire it from every perspective, gaze in awe at David, that dominates the central gallery of the museum. The David was sculpted by a very young Michelangelo (in his twenties) entirely from a single block of local Carrara marble and it's 5.17 metres tall (17 ft). It represents the biblical hero David that killed Goliath and when it was unveiled, in 1504, it soon came to symbolize the defense of the civil liberties embodied in the Florentine Republic.

Admire also Michelangelo's famously unfinished sculptures - Prigioni and San Matteo. The Accademia Gallery houses also many other masterpieces, both paintings and sculptures, from the Middle Ages to Renaissance, by the greatest artists, like Botticelli, Paolo Uccello, Andrea del Sarto and many more, which you will discover with your knowledgeable English-speaking guide.

Then move toward Signoria Square and enter the beautiful Uffizi Gallery, where you will enjoy an approx. 2.5-hour guided tour of the main rooms of the Uffizi Gallery, skipping the usual long lines as we will have a reserved priority entrance. You will thus be able to view the main masterpieces by artists like Giotto, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, etc.

Finally our professional English speaking guide will lead you on a discovery external walk along the Vasari Corridor, the secret Corridor built by Giorgio Vasari ad commissioned by the Grand Duke of Florence, Cosimo I de' Medici in 1564, with the aim to build a path that would allow him and the Medici family to move freely from their residence (Palazzo Pitti) to the government palace (Palazzo della Signoria, on the other side of the Arno River), passing above the famous Pontevecchio (the landmark of Florence).

So take advantage of this unique opportunity to view Florence and its artistic pleasures with this exclusive Museums’ Special Tour!


From December 2016 the Vasari Corridor will be closed to undergo a major reconstruction to highlight even better its architectural characteristics and add some safety exits. This will probably take all 2017. We will be ready to lead guests again on our Vasari Corridor exclusive visits as soon as it will reopen, and in the meantime we think it’s absolutely worth it to still discover its history and secrets on our fascinating external guided walking tour along the Corridor, included in the second part of this tour.

First meet the authentic Michelangelo's David in all his magnificence, and discover the other masterpieces housed in the Accademia Gallery museum.

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