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Bargello National Museum
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Enjoy a visit to the Bargello National Museum without stress. Make your on-line reservation in advance to get in, avoiding the long lines at the entrance.

Openings: Open Tuesday to Sunday 8,15 – 17,00

Closed: 2nd and 4th Sunday, 1st 3rd and 5th Monday of each month; New Year's Day, May 1st (Labor Day), Christmas.

Address: Via del Proconsolo, 4, Firenze


Reduced prices and free tickets.

Reduced tickets: for European Union citizens aged between 18 and 25 years, Teachers of Public Institutions in the EU (Vatican City, Monaco , Switzerland, Luxembourg , Republic of San Marino, Lichtenstein).

Free tickets: for non EU citizens under 18, EU citizens under 18, You will be asked to show your ID card at the entrance for reduced and free tickets.


Audioguides: Available in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese.

Disabled persons: The museum is accessible for disabled persons.

Cloakroom: Near the entrance. Visitors must hand in umbrellas, there is no charge.

Bookshop:There is one bookshop at the entrance of the Museum


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Visit the National Museum of Bargello where you can find significant and extraordinary collections of sculptures and works of the Renaissance Art. The Bargello Museum is the largest and richest museum in Italian sculptures. Here, in this majestic building built around the middle of the thirteenth century as a fortress for the Capitano del Popolo, you may enjoy some of the most important sculptures from the Florentine Renaissance.

You can even see the marble statue of David and St. George by Donatello and the Michelangelo's Bacco, one of his few works with a profane theme, and the Pitti Tondo Portrait of Brutus.


Inside the museum you can find the masterpieces of Donatello's and works by Luca della Robbia, Verrocchio, Michelangelo and Cellini

Greatest works

Michelangelo, Bacchus, 1496-7

Michelangelo, Tondo Pitti,1496-7

Michelangelo, Brutus, 1496-7

Benvenuto Cellini, Mercurio, Danae with the child Perseus, Zeus, Athena, 1545-53.

Benvenuto Cellini, Bust of Cosimo I, 1545-47

Donatello, David, 1430-50

Donatello, St. George, 1417

Donatello, Atys-Amor

Donatello, Bust of Niccolò da Uzzano, 1425-30

Filippo Brunelleschi and Lorenzo Ghiberti, Sacrifice of Isaac, 1401

Andrea del Verrocchio , David, 1470.

Andrea del Verrocchio, Lady with posy, 1575-80.

Enjoy a visit to the National Museum of Bargello without stress. Make your on-line reservation in advance to get in, avoiding the long lines at the entrance.

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